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Designer's Guide

Getting started with the UI Kit


Before you start designing:

  • Download the UI Kit. It’s a Sketch file that contains all the components from the UX Framework UI library.
  • Go to the UX Framework site to learn about how and when to use a component.

Note: If what’s in the UI Kit doesn’t match what’s on the UX Framework site, refer to the UX Framework because it has the latest and greatest changes. We’d appreciate it if you would let us know if you run into any discrepancies.

Understanding versions

We follow semantic versioning for managing our updates. Each number implies different level of updates and impact to the user.


MajorMaking a backwards-compatible design changeModifying the height of the large button
MinorAdding a backwards-compatible functionalityAdding tertiary button to the button selection
PatchMaking a backwards-compatible bug fixFixing a typo in the documentation for buttons

Working with engineering

Each component includes a pre-built package of code for developers to incorporate the design into the final product. You don’t have to redline your use of a component. Simply note which component it is. For example, you can just point out that a button is a large default button, rather than creating the redlines for it.

Let the developers know what component you are referring to by directing them to the specifications on the UX Framework website. You can do this by sharing the unique link to a feature by clicking “copy link” as shown below:


Still have questions?

Can’t find a component that you need?
Want to modify a component to fit your needs?
Have trouble adopting a component?

Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!