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UX Framework is Pearson’s design system. We provide guidelines, tools, and resources to help designers and developers build a cohesive user experience across the products, more efficiently.


The UX Framework components are a collection of standardized UI elements and patterns for building products. See the Designer’s Guide for more information on how to use the components.

Our components are designed to be:

  • Universal Reflect the needs of Pearson as a whole, keeping in mind, the greater global community
  • Consistent Follow a consistent visual style and are defined by a set of shared principles
  • Usable Intuitive and easy to use for performing tasks effectively
  • Accessible Comply with the Pearson Accessibility Guidelines to ensure the user interface is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities
  • Responsive Flexible and adaptive to optimize the user experience on different devices


  • Helps designers and developers communicate more effectively By using a shared language for the features and configurations, we are able to bridge the gap between design and development.
  • Creates a more coherent user experience Having multiple designers working together on a project could easily lead to a disjointed user experience. Following a unified design system keeps the design consistent throughout the user journey.
  • Enables teams to focus on solving greater problems Designers will have more room for creativity and innovation with more time freed up from nudging pixels. Developers will be able to work more efficiently by using the code package that enables updates at a global scale. With greater efficiency, teams can truly be agile.


Here are the steps for adding new components or modifying existing components as our library grows:


  1. Request A consumer emails the UX Framework (UXF) Design Team with a brief description of the needs.
  2. Design The UXF Design Team collaborates with that consumer to design the new functionality or modify existing component, and then document the design as well as the guidelines on the site.
  3. Review The design goes through the governance review to ensure it meets a set of requirements from the Component Checklist.
  4. Develop The UXF Development Team collaborates with the consumer to build the functionality or modify existing component, and then release the code repository for people to reuse.