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Provides a standard set of icons at various sizes.

Usage Guidelines

All icons should come from this component.


  • Single collection of all icons
  • Consistent guidelines for sizing and positioning


Typography v1.0.0

Available Icons

Icons come from font-awesome and are currently limited to the following set:

  • check
  • times
  • times-circle-o
  • trash-o
  • chevron-down
  • chevron-up
  • chevron-right
  • chevron-left
  • thumb-tack
  • cog
  • envelope
  • search
  • plus-circle
  • calendar
  • file-o
  • info-circle
  • users
  • user
  • square-o
  • check-square-o
  • ban
  • camera
  • heart
  • heart-o
  • laptop
  • book
  • list-ul
  • th-large
  • exclamation-circle

The current icon repertoire.

Icon Sizes and Colors

Since we're using an icon font each symbol will just inherit the size and color of the surrounding type.

Icons adopting the sizes of their containing type elements.


Just use the specified glyphs from Font Awesome and inherit the font size and color of the surrounding text.

A lone symbol should still be wrapped in the relevant type style (e.g. Basic Label).

See the typography component for more information.



Initial release