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This component defines the standard footer for all pages. From the footer, users can access the following:

  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy
  • Accessibility
  • Permissions
  • Support
  • Copyright

The standard footer lists the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links and includes a copyright notice.

The basic footer.

Additional links

If other policies are relevant to the current page they may be added to the list after the default two.

This page includes an accessibility statement.

Responsive behavior

At Small and Extra Small breakpoints the copyright notice moves to its own line.

Two line footer used at responsive sizes.

Dark mode

If you need to use the footer on a darker background there is a version with all white text.

In order to maintain appropriate contrast on darker backgrounds a version of the footer with white text is available.


TypographyUI Text - Basic for all text at normal viewports
Copyright notice is UI Text - Small for Small and Extra Small breakpoints
Standard Link Styles
ColorsUse standard typography colors for the standard footer
Use White for all text in the dark mode
SpacingFooter should appear 24px above the bottom of the page
In the responsive mode the link are 12px above the copyright declaration



  • ADDED: Feature links


Initial version